The Victorian Government Review Into Decriminalisation Of Sex Work

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Description: Donate to the Reason Party: The Pretender email address: Please contact me asap with any ideas you have for the review and I will include them in my submission. Both myself and my business partner are available to meet up in Melbourne with any subscribers that are interested in working with us on our submission. We're advocating for: 1. Full decriminalization of sex work in Victoria. 2. Thai Style bars with alcohol in Victoria. 3. The introduction of a special regulatory zone for a trial of Thai style bars with alcohol in the Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs. 4. Sex Work to be classed as a skilled occupation. 5. The introduction of Sex Worker Class Visas for foreign sex workers. 6. Easier and more straightforward ways to open legal brothels without local council trouble. 7. Legislation that takes enables Australian men in relationships with foreign sex workers that want to work here in Australia to do so easily and legally without turning these men into criminals due to no fault of their own (eg: avoiding the road to hell being paved with good intentions by said men). 8. Brothel owners to be permitted by law to advertise the services their brothel offers, to recruit sex workers and to promote itself.