The Pretender Paid Consultations

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Description: Jarod will not be actively checking emails, messages, chats etc anymore. He will watch his Bitcoin wallet closely however. When Jarod receives Bitcoin to his address he will right away check his Pretender email address: Should you wish to consult with Jarod the procedure is this: 1. You will send Jarod $100 AUD to his Bitcoin payment address 2. Jarod will check his email address: 3. The subject line of your email should read “PAID Consultation Request” 4. The email should include your contact details and the best way for Jarod to contact you. Jarod will then make contact with you as soon as he can. Your email should contain your bitcoin payment address you used to send Jarod bitcoin. 5. This buys you an initial 2 hour consultation with Jarod and you can talk with Jarod about anything you like. You don’t use Bitcoin? Start using it – it’s a condition for consulting with Jarod. Learn how to use it. Do. The. Work.