Questions a man should pay a lawyer to answer before he considers getting married - MGTOW

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Description: 1. From a legal perspective - is it in my best interest as a man to get married in the western world? 2. Am I at a legal advantage or disadvantage by marrying? 3. If my wife divorces me - how much money will lawyers like yourself stand to make out of my divorce as a percentage say of my future wife and I's net worth? 4. If you don't mind me asking - are you yourself married? 5. If you're divorced, knowing what you know now and in your professional legal opinion given you understand the legal system - would you have ever gotten married in the first place? 6. If I do marry - will I or my wife have the advantage and power from a legal perspective? 7. How much money do I stand to lose should my wife decide for whatever reason to divorce me? 8. Given how many rich and successful male celebrities end up getting divorced - what hope do you think I as an average man have of staying married and not paying you or one of your colleagues to go through a nasty divorce? 9. If you had to estimate - would you say that the man is almost always the one bringing the money and wealth to the table in a marriage? and some thoughts about male vs female losers, Pattaya being Red Pill City and moving to Thailand to open a ladyboy bar