Bringing a Thai ladyboy to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa to legally work in the sex industry

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Description: Jarod describes the 22 step process of bringing a Thai ladyboy to Australia on a working holiday visa whilst ensuring compliance with the myriad of applicable rules, regulations and laws that cover sex work in Victoria: 1. Register a company with ASIC - 2. Register for the ASIC online portal 3. Register a business name as a subsidiary to trade under your company name if you want your escort business to have a different name 4. Register for an ABN 5. Open a bank account under your company name - choose a bank 6. Register for online access to your bank account 7. Register with the Business Licence Authority / Consumer Affairs Victoria as an exempt sex work service provider to run a small owner operated business 8. Provide the Business Licence Authority / Consumer Affairs Victoria / Department of Justice with the details of your Thai friends details - name, DOB, passport number, id card number, photos of passport and id card and detail that they may be working with you in the future as a sex worker 9. Register as an employer of a working holiday maker with the Australian Tax Office 10. Apply for a working holiday Visa for your Thai friend, fill in a HUGE amount of paperwork after registering for an immiaccount with the immigration department 11. If you’re a current employee of the Australian public service formally ask permission from your manager in writing in order to run your business (a business you’re only starting remember just in case your Thai friend turns to escort work - which is probable) 12. Wait for permission in writing from your manager that you can run this business 13. You’re low on cash, your Thai friend is unhappy, needs money. Argument ensures. Decision made to turn to sex work. 14. Create a profile on escorts and babes and various other online websites advertising escort services. Display your SWA number as required by the Dept of Justice 15. Withhold 15% from every dollar your Thai friend earns up to $37,000 and provide withheld money to the tax department 16. Create a payslip for your Thai friend 17. Provide said payslip to your Thai friend 18. Take your Thai friends earnings, withhold tax, then pay Thai friend via wire transfer direct to bank account in Bangkok leaving appropriate money/paper trail 19. If you hold a security clearance inform AGSVA - the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency of your activities (you’re now a registered escort/sex worker). Fill in a change of circumstances form (form number SVA 003), receive a request for more information, fill in more paperwork with as many details as possible about your Thai friend and her family, submit yourself to undergoing another security check 20. Provide the Dept of Justice with an annual statement of your escort business activities 21. Ensure your Thai friend is providing safe sexual services to clients, does not work whilst infected with an STI and complies with a whole host of other requirements too numerous to mention here 22. Provide tax return for your escort business and for your Thai friend at the end of the financial year Motivation to succeed - If you fail don't worry Gentlemen, you can just go back to traditional conservative relationships with Aussie women... "The Immigration Department spokesman said there was nothing to stop foreigners in Australia on a working holiday or student visa from working in the legal sex industry."