Only Fans Leak

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Description: Jarod talks about the OnlyFans website database leak. One of the things that very much interested me about Thailand was the red light district marketplaces. A market of course is a place where $ signs are attached to products and services (in Thailand of course they use the baht). I wanted to understand more about what happens when a baht figure is attached to sexual services sold by women and trans women to a marketplace of male buyers. Things like - Who would the top earners be? What characteristics would they have? Why did these particular women earn so much more than other women in the same marketplace? Why do some transsexuals earn so much money in this marketplace? I also wanted to see how big the market was for men that sell sexual services to other men and if there was a market where women were ever buyers (there wasn't one that I could see). So anyway - Only Fans had a massive leak recently and all the photos have ended up on a website available FREE to the world. The website is called only fans leaks dot com (Note: Not Suitable For Work). The photos are what we would expect on such a site and quite boring really and similar photos can be found all over the internet (nude, sexual in nature, provocative etc). What is interesting however is the photos have been organised in such a manner that we can see clearly and quickly who the top 10% and top 1% women are - the highest earning women. That's interesting because we can see what specific characteristics these top earning women have that earn the most money from SIMPS from around the world (what men are willing to put a $ figure on) and it 100% confirms my findings from back in late 2012 when I first looked at (what was) a booming market in Pattaya Thailand but this time it's on a much bigger scale. After a very brief glance at the leak my findings (which do not surprise me and please this is by no means a scientific study but I suspect we will see some economist conduct such a study based on the leak): 1. The youngest women earn more. 2. The most beautiful women earn even more. 3. There are no overweight women in the top 10% or top 1%. 4. There appear to be no transgender women in the top 10% or top 1%. 5. There appear to be no women over the age of 30-35 in the top 1%. 6. Many of the women are extremely fit with very little body fat. 7. The facial bone structure of the top 1% of women all fit the Marquardt beauty mask very closely (In 2001, Dr Stephen R. Marquardt, a surgeon in California, attempted to scientifically analyze the mathematics of perfect facial beauty and developed facial masks which are widely used in plastic and maxilofacial surgery. The mask was even used on me when I had orthodontics and jaw surgery back in 2008). 8. There are no unattractive women in the top 10% or top 1% of earners. 9. There appear to be very few feminist type hairstyles (blue, green, etc) with all the women having long hair. 10. All of the women have sexualized themselves in order to appeal to a males primary fantasy as defined by Dr Warren Farrell (A man's primary fantasy is access to a variety of attractive women without the fear of rejection). The male primary fantasy is why a site like OnlyFans exists and can make so much money at scale. No website has yet been able to monetise the female primary fantasy (security of a home, a family and a man to earn more than her to help her finance this life goal). 11. There are no men in the top 10% or 1% despite the site being available to both female and male creators and enabling both genders to post content. 12. Hour Glass figures are over represented with very difficult to unattainable figures / body shapes over represented in the top 1%. For me there is nothing new to see here but it is interesting to see that nothing has changed in the past 10 years in this regard in terms of what men want and are willing to pay for in this particular marketplace.