Ladyboys - The Rewiring of your Heart and Mind

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Description: Jarod discusses the different stages a western man goes through in his attraction and eventual sexual engagements with ladyboys. The causes of each stage and the overriding thoughts and the behaviour that a man will engage in during each stage. Jarod talks about the high level key drivers that are drives a man to Thailand include being fed up with western women, poor treatment in bars and nightclubs at home, irritation at the western world, frustration at the limitations of traditional relationships, issues with western women due to experience with them over an extended period of time, a desire to try something new and the growing need for more freedom, autonomy and control over life. A must see video for men engaging with ladyboys in Thailand or The Philippines Support Jarod via Bitcoin: 196MefANFp2Uiz2w34wpuRXaZUkPwS7S6D Support Jarod on Patreon: