Jessie Vard in trouble with the law in Thailand

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Description: You may recall one of my first live shows - the Phuket Property Nightmare was focused on the topic of British expat Ian Rance and Irishman Colin Vard who have been living almost penniless with their children on the outskirts of Bangkok as they struggled against overwhelming odds to recover properties they bought on Phuket. Both men lost all their investments through frauds that neither of them imagined were possible. Well - Colin Vard’s daughter Jesse who is half Irish and half Thai has blossomed into a very beautiful young woman and has been working as a model here in Bangkok. Jesse has over 1,000,000 followers online – many of them Thais impressed by her fluency in the local language. Jesse has got herself in big trouble with the law and faces a year in a hellhole Thai jail for raking in thousands of dollars from half-naked photos promoting illegal gambling websites.