Some thoughts on marketplaces and me as a desirable customer - MGTOW

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Description: Jarod discusses the western marriage and the Thailand prostitution marketplaces and his place in them. Jarod talks about removing himself from the western marriage marketplace and entering the Pattaya, Thailand ladyboy prostitution marketplace and he talks about both markets in terms of supply and demand and his desirability in them as a 34 year old, tall, fit and muscular western man. Jarod compares and contrasts his treatment in both markets and how he prefers the treatment he receives in the Pattaya prostitution market as a "sex object" vs the treatment he receives in the Western marriage market where he is a "success object" judged on his financial status. Support Jarod via Bitcoin: 196MefANFp2Uiz2w34wpuRXaZUkPwS7S6D Support Jarod on Patreon: