Flaming Cryptocurrencies

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Description: The Simpsons episode "Flaming Moes" is rich in life lessons particularly on how people behave when they see dollar signs and especially the opportunity of making large amounts of money. We watch on as Moe's working class tavern starts attracting a more artistic, middle and upper class clientele due to Homers innovative drink. We see one guy walk by wearing sunglasses at night, we see Moe's traditional base of working class slobs quickly replaced with the middle and upper classes. We see Barney dressing up and hanging out with a new class of friends which irritates Homer. We see celebrities arrive at the bar and we see Homer sidelined as his status within the new environment sinks to a low level. Fast forward 26 years (yes – it really has been that long since 1991). Let's think about the current day goings on in the crypto-currency market. What do we see happening?