The Pretender Project Screenplay 1: Escape from the Western World

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Description: Gentlemen, This is one of a number of screenplays I have written during my time here in Thailand over the last few years. In the future if I set up a bar over here I will film each of the screenplays and create many more like this with high quality, well scripted, well produced videos with perfect sound, lighting and editing about the bar and the ladyboys who work there. I have seen very little high quality film work come out of Pattaya featuring the lives of the ladyboys and I think I could make a real contribution in that respect and I think it would be very beneficial to those of you back home in the western world dreaming of your time in Thailand and planing your upcoming trips to Pattaya. I really think this could be a great opportunity to elevate the status of ladyboys as well. You would play a key part in the series and I would incorporate your ideas into the screenplays and give you the opportunity to contribute to the scripts. I would only do this if I am able to secure a redundancy package from work though as it would be a risky endevour putting myself and the lives of the ladyboys I work with out there on the internet for all to see. The final films would be put onto YouTube, The Purple Paradise Clubs website and a new website I would create specifically for the bar. The films would concentrate and focus on the ladyboys as human beings. Who are they as people? What are their hopes and dreams? What do they want from life? How do they treat other people? Do they have good hearts? Are they looking for a boyfriend? What kind of farang do they like best? All the best Gentlemen – do let me know your thoughts