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Description: Jarod is conducting his first fundraising drive for the purpose of raising money to pay for video and audio production equipment to bring his subscribers more and high quality content. In return for his subscribers patronage Jarod is offering the following for every donation received: 1. Jarod will create videos on the subjects that you specifically request. Please let Jarod know what subject you would like him to cover when you donate. 2. Jarod will personally meet with you in Melbourne, Australia and spend time discussing whatever subject of interest you would like to talk with him about and will develop a friendship with you. There will be no ongoing request or obligation for money from you - it will be an authentic friendship. 3. Jarod will meet with you in person overseas in Pattaya or Bangkok, Thailand should he be there at the same time as you and will develop a friendship with you. 4. Jarod will consult with you via Skype on any subject of interest you would like to talk with him about and he will develop a friendship with you. 5. Jarod will reveal his true identity to you and you will be given word of a second YouTube channel where Jarod appears regularly as himself under his own identity talking about things which are of benefit to MGTOW and to men in general. 6. Jarod will add you to his real Facebook page and his real Skype. 7. When it is complete - Jarod will email you a free copy of his ebook - The Pretender - Selected Writings which is currently in production. Jarod will put all proceeds towards purchasing the following equipment specifically: 1 x Zoom H6 Recorder 4 x XLR Lavalier Microphones 5 x 128GB SDCARDS 2 x Rode Podcasters 2 x Rode Studio Arms 2 x Rode Shock Mounts 1 x Pro FX 16 mixer 1 x VOIP Telephone 2 x Sennheiser HD 202 Headphones 2 x 5 Metre USB extension cables 1 x Set Sennheiser Wireless lavs (exact model to be determined) 1 x RodeLink Filmmaker Kit from Rode Microphones 1 x Rode Reporter Microphone and to purchase other audio and video equipment as required to create more high quality content for you, Jarod's highly valued subscribers Support Jarod via Bitcoin: 196MefANFp2Uiz2w34wpuRXaZUkPwS7S6D Support Jarod on Patreon: