Thailand Travel Plans June/July 2016

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Description: Gentlemen, I would like to announce that I will be in Thailand for an extended month long trip from June 28th to July 27th 2016. I will be staying in Pattaya for the majority of the time but I will also be in Bangkok for at least 3 or 4 days as well staying at a hotel very close to the Bearing SkyTrain Station. Once again I would like to extend an invitation to those of you who would like to meet up with me to discuss anything related to Thailand or my Youtube videos. I hold meetings at the Pattaya Beer Garden or I can host you at my condo or we can meet at an agreed location. Over the years a number of you have expressed interest in meet ups. I have had the pleasure of meeting a few of you both in my home country and in Thailand and I have come to count some of you as close friends which is great. The friendships I have formed through my channel here have become very important to me and I count myself as very privileged to have had the opportunity to become friends with some of my subscribers. It’s important for men who have an interest in ladyboys to stick together. It’s a hostile world and supporting each other and sharing information is essential. I hope to see you in Pattaya Gentlemen! All the Best! Jarod Support Jarod via Bitcoin: 196MefANFp2Uiz2w34wpuRXaZUkPwS7S6D Support Jarod on Patreon: