How to Buy and Use Bitcoin (Made for Purple Paradise Club Members)

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Description: Jarod creates a video for members of The Purple Paradise Club explaining the importance of bitcoin as well as how to buy and use Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a very important technological development because it allows people to send and receive money peer-to-peer without the two trusted authorities involved in every other monetary transaction that have proven themselves to be very untrustworthy due to their past deeds – banks and governments. When you transact in Bitcoin you're cutting out these authorities and that's very empowering for you as an individual. Banks, credit card companies, Paypal, the government – these institutions don't look kindly upon the adult industry and this has caused problems in the past for sex workers and their clients looking to do business with one another. In the past the banks and credit card companies in particular held a lot of power over us. Paypal for instance was notorious for their hatred and actions in stopping transactions and freezing the funds of sex workers and their clients. The banks also did not like sex workers and their clients conducting business via credit cards. Well – to hell with them. We don't need them anymore. Good riddance I say. Bitcoin Wallet software: Bitcoin credit Card Processor: