Fitness, western women and promiscuous sex in Thailand - MGTOW

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Description: Jarod enters the public eye wearing a venetian mask which he will be known for in all future videos featuring him. It is important that Jarod does this so that future Thailand related videos can be viewed with the understanding that Jarod has a reasonably high level of sexual/erotic capital as a 34 year old, 6f2" tall, muscular, fit and well dressed man. The mask is both a symbol of the freedom of anonymity and the oppression of life in the West under a feminist ideology. Analysis of future Thailand related videos depends on Jarod establishing his status as a man with a high level of sexual market value in the eyes of women, gay and bisexual men and transgendered individuals in Thailand. Apologies to the 100% straight MGTOW men who may find some of the shots somewhat homoerotic. Jarod is a Myers Briggs type INTJ. Support Jarod via Bitcoin: 196MefANFp2Uiz2w34wpuRXaZUkPwS7S6D Support Jarod on Patreon: