Owning and Running a Bar in Pattaya - Turning a Commoditized Business into a Branded Business

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Description: A walk around Pattaya – Seeing Pattaya through the eyes of a business analyst. Jarod puts on his business analyst cap and goes for a walk around the streets of Pattaya, talks about the business environment and the commoditized businesses that exist in the marketplace and discusses the two factors that can be used by a farang bar owner to turn his commodity business into a branded product/service business: 1. High quality, well written/scripted films about the bargirls that work at the bar and himself as the owner. 2. Skype and in person one-on-one consultations by himself as the bar owner. A fascinating film for any foreigner thinking of coming to Thailand, opening a bar and trying to make a profit in the highly competitive Pattaya marketplace.