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Description: Jarod discusses the 2009 movie Avatar and draws an analogy between the story line of the film and our journey from the western world to Thailand - the land of smiles. There's some key themes in the movie Avatar that one can draw analogies to what's happening to us western men when we board a plane to Thailand. In the opening scenes of Avatar we see Jake downing shots at a bar and despite being a wheelchair bound paraplegic we see him white-knighting for a woman who has just been hit by her boyfriend. She doesn't give a shit about his white-knighting though and she attempts to pull him off her boyfriend. Jake then gets thrown out of the bar and into the gutter by a bouncer along with his wheelchair. As he lies in the gutter feeling rejected he is approached by two men representing the mining company his brother worked for offering him an opportunity to take over his deceased brothers contract. In many ways Gentlemen we're all Jake Sully. Each and every one of us that boards a plane to Thailand are doing so because of what's happened to us in the western world. It may not be a physical disability that we're dealing with but a handicap is something we all share in common. What's happened in the West is our society has reached such a high level of economic and technological development that western women do not really need us men anymore. Competition for the women we all want – young, beautiful, respectful, appreciative and easy going is incredibly fierce and these women get to choose the victors. The supply and demand ratio favours women heavily when they're young and beautiful and the majority of us men get left out in the cold in our teens, 20's to mid 30's as these women naturally do what's in their best self-interest and go for the top 20% of men that meet their laundry list of criteria leaving each of us average men either without companionship or with the companionship of a below average woman who has been resposible in some or in many ways for causing us misery and ruining our lives Send Jarod a donation via bitcoin: 1N9GtveYi8eHHraEU6TsWu2qkYn5aBZpPo